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Some if not all of us want to own a pet at some point in our lives. In most cases we opt for getting a dog since they can double up as both a pet and security. When going for a dog there are many different breeds out there with the Yorkshire terrier being the most popular. So, is there such a thing as a yorkie ? Yorkie is another name for a yorkshire terrier. Yorkies trace their origins from Yorkshire, northern England. It is said that this type of dog was bred from Scottish, Clydesdale and paisley terriers towards the end 1800.  Loki with his stuffless frog

Yorkshire terriers are easy to identify due to their small stature with a compact body. How much will my Yorkie pup weigh as an adult? A Yorkshire terrier weighs about seven pounds and around six to seven inches tall. Yorkies are usually dark and tan as puppies and get lighter in color with age. They have long silky strands of hair and have sharp v shaped ears. They have a courageous affectionate and adventurous temperament. Yorkies usually live for about 12 to 15 years. (ezine articles)

After acquiring a yorkie you need to give it some training to prevent it from running riot around the household. They are easy to train as long as you can keep their complete attention. During training you need to give them rewards, treats and positive reinforcement when they do a good job. One of the most basic training that we want our dog to grasp is potty training and the best way to potty train your yorkie is by scheduling it’s pooping through walks.


There are several advantages to owning Yorkshire terriers and the most common one is that they do not shed. This is especially good for dog owners who are allergic to pet fur. Their small size makes them an ideal breed to own especially for people who do not have big homes. Another advantage to owning yorkies is the fact that they do not require too much exercise.Their playful nature give them plenty of exercise and thus a daily walk and little play time will suffice as exercise for them. Owning a yorkie is ideal for pet owners who have other pets or dog breeds as they can easily coexist with other pets in the household.

When going for Yorkshire terriers, you need to know that how you take care of them is little different since they have special health and feeding needs.This is important especially for persons who previously owned a dog of a different breed. Although they don’t shed, they need regular brushing of their fur to prevent their long silky fur from mating and tangling. Their small size increases their fragility thus one needs to be careful when transporting them. A yorkie owner needs to be keen when it comes to the dog’s health as they are susceptible to health problems common to them. These problems include; indigestion, hip, joint and teeth problems. One should also watch out for bone fractures.(ezine articles)