Have you ever heard of Kukur Tihar? Most people haven’t, but as a dog lover you might just want to remember that name. As part of a 5 day Hindu festival in Napal, Kukur Tihar is a celebration in which the friendship and loyalty of our furry four legged canine companions is honored in a yearly celebration. A festival where dogs are praised for their devoted service to humans. The local Fidos are adorned with garlands around there neck, showered with flower pedals, given yummy food to eat and pretty much fussed over the whole day; all in the spirit of acknowledging their pawesomeness (had to, couldn’t help it).

What I found beautiful of this tradition is that it is for all dogs, including strays. Just a lovely day of compassion and kindness towards our most devoted of admirers. And so well deserved wouldn’t you say? As dogs have spent thousands of years earning their rightful place as our best friends.

The pup in the video, named Lucky seems to be enjoying all the attention, but then again if I had a festival devoted my greatness I might enjoy it too.  Don’t forget Kukur Tihar, this year on November 11th; hold your Yorkies a little closer and give them some extra cuddles. Remembering that as much as we give them a piece of our hearts, their devotion to us is absolute. Happy Kukur Tihar from the Yorkie Times Family!

Tell us about the specialness of your babies. How do they make your life better? What have they done to show their devotion? We would love to hear some stories of your special moments.