Best Warm Weather Wear for our Fur-babies

Are you starting to miss summer yet? What about the pups? With Halloween around the corner and the dip in temperatures on our door step, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to the warm weather. My consolation prize is that I now have a totally legitimate excuse for the use of doggy clothes. (Meatball is wearing his mustard coloured hispter cardigan as I type.) Swimming Yorkie in the sun

How are you fur babies when it comes to water? My pup HATES it. He won’t even walk across puddles when we are out for walks as he cannot stand getting his precious tootsies wet. It’s even a struggle to get him to go outside when it rains. I wouldn’t even dare thinking of putting a life jacket on him and bring him near a body of water for fear of him hating me forever or worse, not sleeping with me anymore.

Meatball is wearing his mustard coloured hispter cardigan as I type.

I thought I would share these sweet little Yorkie ladies as a final farewell to swimming pool weather. Not only are there life jackets just adorable but there spunk for swimming is downright contagious! Quick I need a pool and a dog I got to get me a piece of this swimming pie.