Why Should You Dress Your Yorkie?

By Lea Mullins

Yorkshire Terriers have lived in houses as companion dogs for many years, so these dog breeds are not adapted to living outside in harsh weather any more than their owners are. On a day when you need a warm coat, it’s best to put something warm onto your Yorkie as well. When you are wearing raingear or carrying an umbrella, your Yorkie doesn’t want to get wet either. During mild weather, it’s fun to dress up your Yorkie just because they’re so cute.


Photo Credit: shay sowden

Photo Credit: shay sowden

The store where you buy your dogfood is likely to have a good selection of clothes for your little guy or girl. Petco has an array of pink sweaters for keeping your little female warm and stylish at the same time. Most are only $7.50 right now, so it might be a good time to get ready for next winter. Quilted black and red rain suits are available for either gender. Petco also offers a yellow raincoat with a no-nonsense look about it for keeping nice and dry. For walks in the park this summer, Petco offers team T-shirts for the boys and Tomboys, and pink dresses for the girls. PetSmart has striped sweaters in both pink and blue this spring. Several cable knit sweaters in a variety of bright colors are something you’ll want to see. PetSmart also offers a yellow raincoat for wet weather. Check their tutu and crowned shirt for your little princess, or a team t-shirt if your little guy is a fan. A Google search for dog clothes reveals many online companies to choose from, including Glamourdog, Littlepamperedpets, and Doggievogue. How can you go wrong?

For Halloween and parties, Yorkie can look adorable and get lots of attention in cute costumes. Buycostumes.com has a picture of a Yorkie dressed as a honeybee with daisies on its homepage. A fluffy bunny costume is also shown on a small dog. Ohmydog.com can turn your best friend into a devil, a witch, a pumpkin, or any one of many others.

Buying a ready-made costume or sweater is not the only way to dress your Yorkie if you are creative and crafty. Classiceliteyarns.com, knittingpatterncentral.com, bellaonline.com, and many others listed on Google have downloadable patters to knit a sweater or costume for your Yorkie. With so many options available, why not build a whole wardrobe for your little friend?

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