Family Time

Families that play together – stay together!

Having yorkies means that you have to take time to enjoy the simple things in life!

Who knew that throwing a ball and watching your yorkie run after it could be so relaxing and fun!

two Yorkie dogs playing with a ball


It’s time to get outside and spend time with the family be it human or fur baby!

Here is some information on off-leash dog parks in the Toronto area.

Does Liberty Village Need an Off-Leash Park?


Some Liberty Village pet-owners have expressed interest in having a local off-leash dog park. Let the debate begin.

City sniffs out possible leash laws change | Beach Metro Community …
Taking a lead from New York City, the City of Toronto is asking residents whether to allow off-leash dogs in some city parks in the early morning and late evening. Such “courtesy hours” would apply only to parks with no