Crying or Talking Yorkie?

This little guy is very talkative once you get him going.

But is he talking or crying?

It is a very distinct sound!

What do you think? Is it crying or talking?

Here are some articles on crying and talking yorkies:


My yorkie puppy wont stop crying? – VenusHut
My yorkie puppy cries whenever I put him in his play pen and won’t stop till I hold him. What should I do?.

 puppy returned for crying at night–breeder needs advice …
I’ve been a hobby breeder-exhibitor for 6 years, a relatively short time, still have lots to learn. This is not my livelihood, so I take time to enjoy.

Funny Yorkie talking on the phone – FunnyFidos
Funny Yorkie talking on the phone Talking Dogs This is a great collection of short takes on dogs that seem to be talking. Some of them actually… Yorkie air swim … Funny Yorkie after bath. Hey, the rug is as good as a towel.



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