How Do I Crate Train My Yorkshire Terrier?

By Ken Monaghan

Crate training is an effective way to house train your Yorkshire Terrier. It works by confining your dog while you are not actively supervising him, helping him to learn to control his bladder and bowel movements and establishing a potty routine.

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The reason it is effective is that it takes advantage of their natural den instinct. In the wild, dogs use their den as a secure place to rest, sleep, and raise their young, and have a natural instinct to avoid soiling their den. Once they get used to their crate, it becomes their den.

The crate should be only big enough for them to stand up, turn around and to sleep comfortably. If you are training a puppy, you will probably want to choose one that is large enough for an adult dog, and put in dividers to make it a suitable size for the puppy. If it is too large, they may choose to do their potty in one end of the crate.

Make it comfortable by putting their bedding inside, and if you are using a wire crate, place a towel or blanket over the top to make it feel more secure and safe.


Place it in a corner of the living room, so your Yorkie will not feel isolated, and at night, move it into your bedroom. Your terrier will feel more secure sleeping near you, and you will be able to hear him if he needs to be let outside to potty.

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Introduce your dog to the crate by placing some treats inside, then lure him inside with a treat, and give a command like “go to bed.” Close the door for a few seconds before opening the door, and gradually increase the time before letting him out. Once he is comfortable with staying inside, leave the room for a few moments, then return, give him a treat and let him out. Gradually increase the time you stay away until you are sure they are feeling completely comfortable with staying inside the crate. Once he is, your Terrier Potty Training will be fairly straight forward. Keep in mind that they should only be confined in the crate when you are not able to actively supervise them.

They need exercise and play time, and can only control their bowels and bladder for so long. If you work during the day, and there is no one to take care of them while you are away, crate training is not for you. You can learn more about house training your Yorkshire Terrier here:

Terrier Potty Training

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