Want to Breed Yorkshire Terriers?

By Gordon Y Howell

If you own a Yorkie, you will possibly reach a time when you decide that you want to breed your Yorkshire Terriers. Hopefully, before you start breeding in a helter skelter fashion, you have taken the time to learn as much as possible about the breed, learning from a successful breeder would also help.

If this is the case, you obviously need a male and female Yorkshire Terrier. Before you breed these dogs, you will have them checked out thoroughly by your veterinarian, and there will be numerous medical tests performed to determine if these dogs have any genetic defects that may be passed on to their litter. You should avoid breeding Yorkies that are nervous, shy, or aggressive, as these traits can be passed onto the litter as surely as a genetic defect can be passed on. Finally, the male and the female must actually get along well together, or you will most likely not be successful.


Photo Credit by: choco@Nerima

Photo Credit by: choco@Nerima

Not every Yorkshire Terrier should be bred, and not all can legally be bred. When you purchase your Yorkshire Terriers, they may already be spayed or neutered. Yorkies which are not championship quality would be altered by a good breeder. The breeders who use these practices are not trying to corner the market on Yorkies. The fact is that a responsible breeder will not give breeding rights to just anyone, or to just any Yorkie.

You may think that your Yorkies can be bred – or should be bred – simply because they are registered, and they do have a pedigree. While these are obligatory for breeding purebred Yorkshire Terriers, it does not mean that the dogs should be bred. These dogs do have a high price tag, but in reality, there isn’t any money being made by responsible breeders. The dogs and puppies must be cared for and cleaned up after, but they must also have love and attention from humans for the purpose of socialization. When the puppies are ready to be sold, a good breeder will actually interview prospective families to place the puppies in good homes.

As you can see, there is a great deal more to breeding than putting a male and female together and then running an ad to sell the puppies. Don’t fall into this trap. Take the time to get mentoring from a successful Yorkshire Terriers [http://www.wonderfulyorkshireterrier.com] breeder first.

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