Taking care of your friends

This Yorkie wants to make sure that his friend looks his best.

So the Yorkie has decided that cleaning the Maltese’s eyes is the best way to do this.

Cleanliness is next to adorable puppiness.


Does your Yorkie take care of his friends?

How to keep your Yorkie’s eyes clean:

Getting Rid of Tear Stains | Yorkie Blog by Yorkie Splash and Shine
So, let’s take a look at steps you can take to eliminate unsightly eye crusties. First, no matter the reason behind the tear stains, always keep your Yorkie’s eyes clean! You can use Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Wipes or Eye Envy 

 Cleaning eyes?!? – YorkieTalk.com Forums – Yorkshire Terrier …
Hi everyone, I just had a quick question about how you all go about cleaning your yorkies eyes? I have a lot of trouble getting the gunk out of.

Yorkie Head Hair DOs and DON’Ts – Yorkie Splash and Shine Blog
DO spend time maintaining your Yorkie’s hair, ensuring that it is clean and free of tangles and mats. DON’T ignore the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes! Make sure any “gunk” is removed and the hair wiped clean. DON’T force 



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