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Annemarie Jasko has shared a video of her awesome little Yorkie:
He is my heart, my joy, my silly little boy.  He’s 7 months old, and been in our family since February 9 but we cannot imagine what our life was like before him.

Guess this is how Bentley pays me back for a bath. Funny thing is he loves baths.

Yorkie bathtime tips:

I need your best bath tips to calm Eva down… and save my arms …
It’s after midnight and my arms are still aching from trying to keep Eva in her bath. I can’t believe how strong she is and every now and then fights.

Tips for grooming your Yorkie | Le York Hydro Spa & Boutique


Tips for grooming your Yorkie. 10 Tips for grooming your Yorkie! Always make sure your Yorkie is comfortable. Spray your yorkie with a coat conditioner and water mix before brushing. Use a pin brush and comb your Yorkie’s ear featherings gently. Remember to brush her back, chest and under her armpits. Always brush use a human one on the coolest setting possible. … and remember, after a bath let your yorkie shake the water off once. Half the drying is done 

Yorkie Dog Grooming Tips –
Apart from bathing your Yorkie, you should also brush his fur to keep it looking healthy and groomed. While brushing your pet’s fur, consider using a wide toothed comb. These wide-toothed combs are ideal for dogs with long fur coats.

Learn And Implement How To Wash A Yorkshire Terrier
If you are fond of the idea of a Yorkshire terrier and planning to have one in your home as your beloved pet or already have one, then you need to be aware of plenty of things to offer them perfect care. There are various tips