Yorkshire Terrier Training – Basic Training

By Gilroy Hicks

You can have Yorkshire as one of the intelligent and extremely active dog. They will learn the things very fast. Therefore it is crucial to start the training quickly as you bring the puppy home. There are many steps for the Yorkshire terrier training that will make your dog well mannered and respectful to the owner.

Housebreaking training:

They may take many weeks to adopt the place but it can be helpful to teach them many essential things in the house like where they can find food and water, where to potty and where to sleep. You must develop a routine in the training. You can start the training when your pup is about couple of month old. You can teach the words like YES, NO, GOOD, BAD, STOP, and GO. Yorkshire terrier training must be conducted gradually and reward the dog if the things go as you wish for. As they get excited easily, they can lead for several disorders especially in the surrounding. Don’t let the small children to play with the pup because their bones are fragile in childhood and can fracture easily.

Photo Credit: Bessem Hamud

Photo Credit: Bessem Hamud

Obedience training:

After 3 months of age, they will start learning obedience training as they start to understand about the surrounding world. In this Yorkshire terrier training, you can start with the commands like ‘sit’, stop barking or lie down. In this due course, don’t forget about the potty training. It is fact that they will learn slowly but they will learn it. As they get older you can start being firm in the commands.


Professional training:

You have tried out lot of training stuffs with your dog but still he cannot perform as you have wished for, then you can call for the professional trainer who can help you to understand the characteristic and the nature of your yorkie to have the desired results. You also can find many websites that will help you for the Yorkshire terrier training and to work with your dog. You must know how your dog thinks about you before your start the training. The training must be conducted thoroughly without boring your dog as they may get stubborn on you and won’t give any result. You have to think about the training time and about the treat when the dog works hard.

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