Deep Bond

There are no words to describe the true meaning of the relationship that a person can have with their yorkies.

Some may try but how do you properly explain that these little furry bundle of love can make you feel complete?

Yorkie Puppy with toys

No matter how crazy they may drive you when they bark incessantly and just because you are sitting in the wrong spot.


Or that they just want food in their bowl even though they aren’t hungry…

You still can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy with them around.

Here are some links for information on dog parks in the San Francisco area:

San Francisco Dog Parks
Maps and detailed descriptions offered for San Francisco City dog parks.

San Francisco Dog Parks – All San Franciso Dog Parks
McLaren Park Neighborhood: Bayview Location: Shelly Dr. & Mansell St. Approximate size: Under 10 acres. Leash rule: Off leash. Map It. Bernal Heights ( Read 

Fort Funston: San Francisco off-leash dog parkDog Jaunt
Edit. San Francisco has such great dog parks. I’ve heard joyous reports about Crissy Field (leashed or voice control dog walking allowed “excluding the Wildlife Protection Area at the west end of Crissy field beach where 




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