Adopt a Yorkie From a Shelter

By Wendy Caples

There are numerous dogs that are eagerly waiting for a warm home and a loving family in animal shelters or adoption centers or organizations, and also many people who take into consideration obtaining a pet from such a place. The reasons behind wanting to get a Yorkshire Terrier from the rescue center are many but before you jump to act here are a few points to consider. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Yorkshire Terrier From An Adoption Center

Photo Credit: Sodanie Chea

Photo Credit: Sodanie Chea

Many people are firstly thinking of saving the life of the dog when seeing it in a rescue shelter, and they or some members of their family can get in love of a specific pet and may want to offer him or her a warm home to love in. The yorkie rescue from a shelter or adoption center or organization has the great advantage of being far less costly than buying it from a breeder, because you will only have to pay an adoption fee, or make a donation for the rescue center, that may be ten times less than the breeder’s price.


There are also some disadvantages to take into account and you should consider them carefully before you decide to pick a Yorkshire Terrier from an adoption center. The former owner had his or her own reasons to abandon the dog or to leave it at the shelter, and statistically the health issues are the main reason: the dog may have bad genes, mental problems, a terminating illness or disorders that made it hard for the previous owner to live with the dog and will also create great problems for you too. The reasons shown why the dog is at the center are not always true and you must demand a medical certificate from where you should be able to deduct the present state of health of the dog and the history of the parents if possible. Of course there are many healthy dogs too in the rescue/adoption homes but most of them are not what they are advertised to be.

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There is also a big disadvantage in the fact that you don’t know the past of the dog, how it was or what happened and this past may be still affecting his or her present behavior; a dog with specific habits may be hard to housebreak or obedience train for many reasons: they may be too old and stubborn, low of memory and cannot remember commands well, or just have mental or behavioral problems that are hard or impossible to cure. Adopting a Yorkie from the Rescue Center Classified among the small group of breeds, the Yorkshire Terriers are considered a toy breed of dogs, as their adult body weights about 7 pounds and heights approximately 10 inches; they bodies are fragile and prone to some types of diseases and infections. Before adopting, make sure you read up on the top ten yorkie rescue mistakes to ensure that you make the best decision possible. Check out if the dog isn’t by Hypoglycemia that occurs due to environment changes. What You Should Do After Getting A Yorkshire Terrier From The Rescue Center Provide your new pet with a full veterinarian check up and find out for yourself his or her actual state of health. Once you have adopted the dog, you should do everything in your power to offer it a better life and a loving family. The yorkie rescue from a shelter is less costly. Learn about the top ten yorkie rescue mistakes before adopting. The Yorshire Terrier is a toy breed. Article Source:

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