One tough puppy

Despite being a small dog, Yorkies think of themselves as very tough.

This little guy barks at the other dogs and lets them know who is the boss.

Dogs are dominant animals but puppies just don’t care.

This Yorkie’s bark is so cute and little compared to the other dogs.

Tips on introducing your Yorkie to other animals:


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Before I get a new yorkie I would like to know how you all introduce a new baby to your current baby? I am concerned about aggression. I mean will.

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Todaywe brought home a sweet 3 yr. old cat to foster from a rescue org. in NYC. We have her in a different room from the dogs. I need some advice about how to introduce her to the dogs in a safe way. We had her out in theĀ 

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What is the best way to do this? All my searches on here came up empty. We are getting Peanut on Sat. and are scared to death Princess is gonna hate.

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I need some tips on introducing the new puppy to my yorkies! The puppy Keola is still 7 weeks…she is a Siberian Husky/Lab mix…so she will get big.