Yorkshire Terrier Diet – 5 Things Your Yorkie Should Not Eat


Yorkshire Terrier Diet – 5 Things Your Yorkie Should Not Eat

By P Hamilton

Typical Yorkshire Terrier health issues that develop from a poor diet include diabetes, blood diseases, pancreas


A Teacup Yorkie

A Teacup Yorkie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

problem, liver problems, kidney damage and even death. However, once you are aware of potentially dangerous foods and items around your house, many Yorkie health problems can be prevented. Some edible items your dog should avoid include the following:

Poisonous Plants and Shrubs

Yorkies are adventurous animals who love to explore their surroundings. In many homes, Yorkshire Terriers live indoors, and also spend time in the yard and garden. Some indoor and outdoor plants are toxic if eaten by your dog. To avoid poisoning your favourite pet, you need to keep dangerous plants out of reach of your Yorkie, or replace them with safer alternatives.


It may be one of the most popular treats for humans, but eating chocolate can lead to some serious health problems for your Yorkie. The ingredients contained in chocolate are toxic when they enter your pet’s digestive system. The result of a Yorkshire Terrier eating chocolate is often catastrophic and in some cases, leads to death.


Onions are a common ingredient in many human meals. However, many pet owners don’t realize these vegetables can affect your pet’s well-being, with some serious consequences. When your Yorkie eats onions, toxins in these vegetables create a blood disorder called haemolytic anaemia. Dogs become ill and can develop health problem including liver damage which will affect their quality of life.


Mushrooms are another popular type of food humans love, but can put your Yorkie’s health at risk. Toxins in mushrooms often lead to serious health issues such as canine liver disease, kidney problems and even death.

Oakley, Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Oakley, Yorkshire Terrier Puppy (Photo credit: mrsdohpaz)

Fatty Foods

A diet containing too much fat is unhealthy for most animals, and Yorkshire Terriers are no exception. Many health problems develop if your Yorkie is fed high fat food for a long period of time. Obesity and even diabetes can develop if you dog is living this type of unhealthy lifestyle.

Your Yorkshire Terrier diet and the type of food they eat often decides how long your pet lives and whether or not they lead a healthy life. These adventurous pets love exploring their surrounding, and will attempt to eat anything in their way. This means they could be eating food they shouldn’t. Identifying potentially dangerous food and stopping your Yorkie from eating these types of food can save your dogs‘ life and help them live a better life too.


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