Yorkie Mix – 3 Things You Should Know

By Miranda Hewitt

Maltese Yorkie mix

Maltese Yorkie mix (Photo credit: uccsbiology)

One of the cooler pets that you can own, especially when considering a dog, is the Yorkshire Terrier. This is especially highlighted when you get yourself a Yorkie mix. Originally bred in Yorkshire, England, this noble breed has become popular all over the world. When investing in getting a family pet, you’ll find that this is a great choice for just about any lifestyle choice. When you’re looking to purchase one of these great choices, make sure to look at 3 things you should know, to help the purchase run smoothly:

1. Size

The first thing you’ll notice about the Yorkie mix breed is that they are relatively small. They are small but they don’t seem to let that hold them back. They are often characterized as little engines of bravery, and they prove it each time they run into a dog they don’t like. They’ll bark, they’ll fight, and they’ll show aggression, even though they seem like they’re pint sized. Even though they can have a rough temperament, it’s important to realize that they can in fact be trained, but a rule of thumb is to remember that they can be quite excitable.


2. Outdoor Charm/Indoor Preference

These small pets love the outdoors, but only for exercise, brisk walks, and to play around. They don’t seem to like to be left out there a lot to live. They prefer to be near their owners and indoors often. When you train them right, they won’t have any accidents in the home, and they’ll be readily available for moving forward with playtime. They enjoy the companionship that is offered by other dogs in their breed as well as hanging around inside. There are some exceptions that will have you looking into large shelters and bed sets, but more often then not, your Yorkie will enjoy a greater good indoors.

3. LifeĀ 

Your new pet will live upwards of 16 years old. They are active until their final days, and often live longer than larger dogs. They usually don’t have a lot of issues with health, outside of some concerns with their legs. Smaller dogs have a tendency to have a dislocation of the knee, and Yorkies often times have that sort of problem. Not all do, but there are some that will definitely showcase the signs.


Dali (Photo credit: Cynr)

The glory of having a Yorkie Mix is great. The above 3 things are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re ready to go out and purchase your pet. You will love their loyalty, look, and playful demeanor. They are cuddly, and will protect their owner with loud barks, and will take on dogs larger than they are, even if they never truly realize how small they are. Grooming them can be somewhat difficult as their hair grows out quite long if left uncut. Allow your pet to have longer hair during the winter months, but be careful in the hotter months. Make sure that you train your pet, and assess your overall needs.

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